Music to spark a better life for older adults and preschoolers

This holiday season is full of sensory stimulation.  There are smells of foods and pine trees, tastes of fabulous treats, and many sights & sounds.  The December Music Sparks theme for Sterling House of Hays and Great Bend is “The Sights & Sounds of the Season”.  There are so many carols that name a sight or a sound. Share your favorite carol for a sight & a sound using the comments below.  I look forward to seeing what carols top the list!


Comments on: "Sights and Sounds of the Season" (1)

  1. “In Dulci Jubilo” (Good Christian Men, Rejoice) is my favorite because it is so joyful. For me, the line “Oh, that we were there!” perfectly describes the glory of that moment of Christ’s birth, and I can just picture that

    “There are angels singing
    Nova cantica
    And there the bells are ringing
    In Regis curia”

    In “Good Christian Men, Rejoice” there is a similar line:

    “Now ye hear of endless bliss
    Joy! Joy!
    Jesus Christ was born for this”

    I love it too, but “Oh, that we were there!” is just one of those silly little things that gets me every time! I smile every time I hear that piece. I think the song offers a great description of the sights and sounds via the text, but I have that little emotional burst of joy whenever I hear that line that makes things extra special! Seeing, hearing, and feeling: what more could a musician ask for in a song?

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