Music to spark a better life for older adults and preschoolers

With reality TV shows on organizing, hoarding, and child rearing, there is an opportunity to look at people, their environment, and their lives.  Sometimes I gain insight on my own life from such programs.  I do find I function best in a generally clean and orderly surrounding though I tend to be a person who like to flit from one pile or task to another.  Yes, I am a haptic soul.  Even my music interests are quite varied.   But, I digress.

Our surroundings influence us.  Many studies have shown this. This includes our sound environment.  (Hmm, don’t think I’ve seen a realty show with that focus…)  One such study (which I will include in my May presentation) was published by Mercado & Mercado in a 2006 “Music Therapy Perspectives”.  They studied the results of modifying the sound environment of a nursing home with psychiatric disorders.  Through interventions such as decreasing background noises (such as TV’s playing and staff conversation volume) and controlling the background music, they saw a decrease in aggressive incidents, use of PRN and STAT medications, as well as less unplanned staff absence.  Sounds like they made it a better sound environment for clients and staff.

Try making changes to your sound environment.  Let me know what you try and what you experience.

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