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Me & My Teddy

Ten (10) different Teddy Bears of varying colo...

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What is about Teddy Bears?  So many people have had them as a part of their lives.  Tons of books and songs tell their tales.  During the cold of winter, my memories float back to cuddling my teddy in my childhood bed.

Beginning January 24th, I will be offering preschool classes Mondays at 10:30 and Wednesdays at 4 pm centered on the teddy bear theme.  (For more information, click on the Preschool Class tab.)  As I prepare, I’d love to know your favorite teddy bear songs and stories.  Some might make into a session!  Here are a few songs that came to my mind.

  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Beat
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Me & My Teddy
  • Going on a Bear Hunt

In future posts I’ll share a few favorite children’s teddy bear books.  Until next week, have a “beary” good time!


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