Music to spark a better life for older adults and preschoolers


Rio Carnival, the winners parade

Image by emmablackbird via Flickr

Carnival in Brazil and Mardi Gras in New Orleans will culminate on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 – Fat Tuesday.  Here are some ideas for use with older adults which I will be incorporating in my Sterling House sessions.  This year the Brookdale’s focus is on Brazil – a culture rather foreign to many seniors in north-western Kansas.

When I think Brazilian music, sambas and bossa novas come to mind.  Songs that come to mind with actual or perceived ties to Brazil the participants may recognize include:

When I think Carnival I think of bright colors and dancing.  What I know about it comes from television & movies.  I found a ten minute informative video on YouTube which may help you in planning the feel & festive nature.  

In thinking how to bring this festive flavor to my sharing, I will use the Cha cha as presented in Kat Fulton’s Drumify.  I am also thinking we’ll do a movement activity with scarves and streamers.  As Mardi Gras is a more familiar to the groups, I’ll use a little “Oh When the Saints” “Little Liza Jane”, “On the Bayou” and “Tiger Rag”.

As this a plan in progress, I would love to hear your thoughts & suggestions for celebrating Carnival with older adults.

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