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There are wonderful songs that have become books for children. Fiddle-I-Fee: A Farmyard song the Very Young adapted and illustrated by Melissa Sweet is one such book. Check here to learn more:

I will be using this song and recommending the book in an upcoming farm themed class. Here are some other posts with books that are singable you might enjoy:

Comments on: "Singable Books: Fiddle-I-Fee" (6)

  1. Erin Bullard said:

    Hi JoAnn! I love this series you are doing. I have this book by another author/illustrator. I like the one you feature because it seems to have the same words as the version sung by Pete Seeger. Do you know if it’s the same? Looking forward to your posts!

    • I haven’t checked to see if it is the same version, but I enjoy using this song. Glad you are enjoying the series. There will be two more singable book post next week before I go to one a week.

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  5. […] Singable Books: Fiddle-I-Fee ( […]

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