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Hummm for your Health

Hum & Strum Along with Chet Atkins

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I love learning things. I have learned lots of crazy things. I have learned many things that fascinate me. So it is with humming. While I was interviewed by Janis Harris, MT-BC she shared research on health benefits of humming. There is an amazing amount of research. (Check Google Scholar and see for yourself.) Research seems to indicate sustained, low-pitched humming several times a day increases the nitric oxide produced in the sinuses which seems to decrease frequency and severity of sinus infections in adults.

Maybe the Disney lyrics could be changed to:

Oh, hum while you work. Hmmmm. Oh, hum while you worked. Hmmmm. And if you do it faithfully your sinus won’t hurt.”

Maybe Chet Akins was onto something when we created “Hummm and Strum Along.” Humming can be done:

  • While completing a simple task. Hum while you wash the dishes, load the washing machine, water the plants. Get the idea?
  • While in your car.  Hum along to a songs on the radio. It will be less stressful on your vocal folds than singing can be.
  • As part of meditating. Maybe the yogis weren’t crazy using Om (or Aum).

Take a moment and share a place you can hum in the comments below. And hum while you do it.


Comments on: "Hummm for your Health" (4)

  1. I love to hum. It’s especially effective to do when I’m feeling the desire and/or need to make some vocal sound, but want to be mindful of my volume.

  2. Just walking in the door from my yoga class where we work at sustaining l-o-n-g breaths: inhaling & exhaling over increasing intervals, all with a low rumbling hummmmm. It takes a lot of focus to do easily. (LOL) That’s kind of goofy, work hard to relax, but I am making progress with time.

    Thanks for stopping through my blog!!! I have a lot to learn about connecting my blog to a wider world. LOVE the look of yours!!

    • I love participating in yoga! And, it makes me feel connected when we do the hums or chanting. It makes me feel connected to others in the class. Even coordinated ojai breathing can touch on that feel.

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