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A Breeze of Songs

Wind Energy

While Chicago may be the windy city, it is rare to not have wind in Kansas. The first time I moved to Florida from Kansas, an older neighbor came rushing out the door while I was hanging close on the line one day. He informed me there were gale force winds (25mph) and it was dangerous to put my close out. I let him know it was a breezy day where i came from.

The Sternberg Museum in Hays recently held a wind fair. That got me thinking about wind songs. Here are a few for older adults. I would use most in a “Name That Tune” way with the (*) to be sung.

A big thank you to Green Book of Songs for their help.

Comments on: "A Breeze of Songs" (4)

  1. I love your posts JoAnn! I especially like that you have songs linked to Wikipedia – great for finding out interesting facts about each song. 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful website and creative ideas!!

  2. I love your opening story to this post about hanging out your clothes! I laughed 🙂
    I have also found the wind to be a hot topic for my daughter (2 y. o.). She loves windy days, I’ll have to sing some of these songs for her!

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