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National Hugging Day


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Today is National Hug Day! I think it is interesting National Hugging Day follows Valentine’s Day.  Maybe the creator wanted to keep the love flowing. According to what I found, Hug Day is a copyrighted day created in 1986 by Rev. Kevin Zaborney.  A lot has been reported on the health benefits of hugging.  Check out this article!

Hugs and Heart Health.

What a great day!  Most of my friends know I love any opportunity to give and to receive hugs.  So please join me in celebrating this day with your friends and family members.  If you’re brave, consider offering a hug with someone who lives alone.  It might warm both of you to a new friendship.

Food in song

As the United States gears up for Thanksgiving, many people are starting to think about food.  Food provides us the energy for living.  It is important to consider eating in healthy ways.  Our diets need to have a balance of nutrition and may be affected by allergies, diagnoses and medications.  Eating mind fully (thinking about, enjoying the tastes and smells of eating) rather than without thought (eating while watching a movie and not thinking about taste, your fullness).

Foods show up in lots of songs.  What are your favorites?

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