Music to spark a better life for older adults and preschoolers

Older Adult & Other Services

Services available

Large Groups: Music therapy activities may include moving, listening, singing, playing, learning and remembering.  Sessions are often structured around a theme or topic.    Topics/themes are always changing and evolving.

Small groups: Two 20 minute sessions each with 3-12 participants are structured using many of the same activities as large group.  This setting is ideal for individuals requiring more time, stimulation, or assistance.  Data can be provided on the basic response of the individuals.

One-on-One Music Visits: Enhance your visitation program with Music Therapy visits.  Data on length, approach and response can be provided.

The following types of Music Therapy sessions are currently available:

  • Weekly MT Services include a choice of a single large group, two small groups or one-on-one visit.
  • Twice a month MT Services include a single large group or two small groups on each scheduled visit.
  • Monthly MT Services are a monthly large group.
  • Special Event Services are Music Therapy sessions or presentations scheduled for a special week, a special day, or event of your choice.  Pricing plans are available to fit needs and times.

To schedule a session or to learn more send an email .

If you are interested in:

~Maintaining  connection with your love of music.
~Exploring and addressing roadblocks in your life.
~Using music to live life with more joy and fulfillment.

Then check out:Musical Gems

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