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Secrets of Creating Inspired Themes


Image by val.pearl via Flickr

In this post I am sharing some of my secrets for creating and using inspired themes.  It is my hope they are helpful in kick starting a session, a week, a month, or a year for you. They are easy to apply ideas for the home, school, and long-term care settings. So here we go!

Where do you find inspiration for a theme?

You can find it everywhere. Really, I do: books I read, calendars, resource books, dreams, ideas from clients, local events. The secret is to capture them on paper, in a file, in a voice memo. Just capture them otherwise they tend to disappear from your thoughts.

What sources can be used to kick-start ideas?

  • If the idea is triggered by a local annual event, often there are resources from this event to get you started.
  • Many on-line holiday and special event calendars have links to starter sources.
  • When it is free-floating ideas from my thoughts, clients, or dreams I often use Google as a starter point. Look into the suggested search terms that may pop up in your search

How to I build on an idea that doesn’t come with ready-made ties?

Ask questions about the theme to pull it into other events. For example, how I use a camping theme to create a cohesive week of events at an assisted living facility? The topic itself becomes something for reminiscing. Think of the images that relate to the topic. The equipment on might use can become the decorations and the physical objects that might help with the reminiscing. When you think of camping, it might help you think of smells  (pine tree, smoke, Mosquito repellent), tastes (hot dogs, smores, trail mix), movements (cutting wood, hiking, boating, horseback riding), sounds (insects at night, bird calls, wolves, songs around the campfire, and touch (rough cord, bark from trees, iron skillet, fabrics from tents). All these things can help you spread the theme into events: topics for Jeopardy, words to unscramble, movements for exercise, foods for cooking, songs to sing, just to name a few.

Hope this has helped. Recipients of the July 23, 2011 SPARKS newsletter received this and more! Join today by clicking here. Then you will be able to access this themed information in the archives.

I want to improve!

Online and offline conversations

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It is my desire to better serve my readers. As such, I have hired a web consultant. She has requested I enlisted a few of my followers to participate in a ten to fifteen minute phone conversation for the purpose of:

  • learning bout your Internet habits,
  • where you spend your time on-line,
  • what kind of websites interest you,
  • why you go on-line,
  • what type of research you do on-line,
  • how you heard about me/Music Sparks,
  • what topics you would like to see addressed on the blog.

As a reader of this blog, I thought you could bring that perspective to her research. If you would be willing to participate, please complete this form before Friday, July 29th.  Your information will not be shared with others and will be dumped after we have completed our fact-finding process.Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I’d be happy to answer a few questions

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