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Food in song

As the United States gears up for Thanksgiving, many people are starting to think about food.  Food provides us the energy for living.  It is important to consider eating in healthy ways.  Our diets need to have a balance of nutrition and may be affected by allergies, diagnoses and medications.  Eating mind fully (thinking about, enjoying the tastes and smells of eating) rather than without thought (eating while watching a movie and not thinking about taste, your fullness).

Foods show up in lots of songs.  What are your favorites?

Free fun in Hays

Hays Kansas town buffalo herd

Image by Kevglobal via Flickr

No buffaloing!

There is free fun, learning, and food available for those 50 and over in Hays, Kansas. Music Sparks provides opportunities for older adults to make connections with others through music.  Together with Trinity Lutheran’s Senior Circle, Music Sparks will present  “Music Connections” at 10:30AM Thursday, October 7th . A free lunch will  follow. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 785-625-2044 before noon Friday, October 1st or by enrolling through the Hays Recreation Commission.

This session will cover:

  1. Receptive (listening & responding)
  2. Re-creative (performing pre-composed music)
  3. Composing (creating a musical product such as songs, lyricsmusic videos as well as improvisations)
  4. Learning (gaining knowledge about or related to music)

There will be many experiential portions to this presentation!  If you’re lucky,maybe you can play the buffalo drum, too.  Won’t you join us?

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