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Rounds Resounding

A homemade merry-go-round.

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Yes, there is a “Rounds Resounding Day”. In fact, it is TODAY! Let’s celebrate with a round or two! They are a musical thing to do for fun.  Rounds are great whether you are young or old to (1) use and develop listening skills (am I singing as loud as those around me, am I in tune), (2) learn to sing harmony, and (3) to develop independence in singing a part.

Here is a starter list to get you going:

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Make New Friends
  • Dona Nobis Pacem
  • Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
  • Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening
  • Shalom Chaverim
  • Sing, Sing Together
  • I Love the Flowers
  • Hear the Lively Song of the Frogs

What is your favorite round? If it isn’t listed here, please post it in the comments!

Sing a song of traveling

Manitoba Canada North Star Highway Map (1955)

Image by Manitoba Historical Maps via Flickr

“…just traveling along, singing this song, Side by side.”  For me, the best way to travel is with ones I love.  From past blog entries, you also know music is a part of my travel, too.   There are lots of songs I have shared in my last two newsletters about traveling.  Here are a few familiar ones that maybe you could sing in the car without assistance:

It’s just a starter list so add your favorites!  May your travels be melodious!

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