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Story Songs for Older Adults

Telling Stories

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When my clients make me think, it gets me excited. This past week, a conversation started at an assisted living facility on stories told by songs. There are so many songs that tell stories, so the question became which to recommend. Once I was home from the session, I through the topic out to Twitterverse and received responses from Kat Fulton, Rachelle Norman, Carolyn D., and Carol Costantino. Thank you ladies!

This list of songs is from these ladies along with a few of my own. Songs will likely appeal older adults – 65+ in age. Where possible, I’ve linked to a recording on YouTube for easy of use by caregivers and seniors who wish to listen.

All of these have the makings of discussion starters. If you use any of these story songs to facilitate a group, please share the response you have to them. Love this idea but work with young children? No problem, I’ll soon have a list for this group & inter-generational groups very soon.

Virtual Music Making

Technology is allows for some amazing things we only dreamed about fifty years ago – seeing each other while talking on the phone (Skype), computers in homes to provide information, talking on small hand-held devices (cell phones)… Advances have been made in many areas.One of my music therapy friends, Kat Fulton, even Skype’s drum circles.

Yesterday evening, one of my favorite contemporary compositions was released on YouTube with over 2,000 voices in this web created chorus.  If you haven’t heard the stories about the creation of the video, I encourage you to visit Eric Whitacre’s Website. There are maps to show locations of the singers, stories from the participants, and other bits of information.  Most important is the video itself. Please take a moment to enjoy this wonderful music.

I wonder what other musical joys await us in the future?

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