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Song for my husband

People are very important to me and my husband is extra important.  He is my best friend, a mentor, my partner, my sounding board.  Tomorrow we will celebrate 26 years of married life.  I love you, Jeff, “more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”  For Jeff and those with loves in there lives, enjoy this video:

Memories of the 4th

Holidays are days filled with emotions, imagery, and entertainment for many.  The 4th of July is no exception.  Our community band closes its season on the 4th of July with the evening concert at the Fort. Fireworks are part of the day’s highlights as are family BBQ‘s.  Yet, it is memories from childhood that are most dear.

Having graduated high school in the 1970’s from a small Kansas community, I have very special memories of the 4th of July.  A community parade usually started the day.  My family would return to the house to set off our fireworks.  The smell of gun powder filled the neighborhood.  In the late afternoon, everyone gathered in the park.  Students and community members had spent several weeks rehearsing as a community band to play a variety of marches and old octavos as entertainment for the BBQ.  My music reading skills developed from this experience.  As well as a lot of memories ties to particular musical selections like “Clarinet Polka” and “The Stars and Stripes Forever“.  Then there were games from sack races, to hay bale stacking (usually won by someone visiting from New York who had never seen a hay bale), and horse shoes.  The evening ended with fireworks. Sparklers at home closed out our busy day.

So, take some time to share your memories from the past and learn of your parent’s or grandparent’s or an older friend’s memories of this national holiday.  What images do they create? What music comes to mind?  Are there special tastes and smells to the day?  Then, take the time to create new memories with a younger generation.  Have a joyful 4th!

A positive look at aging!

While many people look at aging with doom and gloom, I’ve always looked forward to the possibilities aging provides.  Having spent much of my professional career with retirees has informed this process.   They bring a wealth of experiences and often a “enjoy the day” approach to their lives.  Many of them pursue their passions and continue to fill their days with love and learning.  It appears happiness may come with age.  A recent study published online May 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows enjoyment and happiness increase from age 50 until age 75 then decreasing slightly but not decreasing to age 50 levels.

For those fearful of memory loss, realize research efforts continue.   While a cure or vaccine has not been found, management efforts continue.  As a music therapist I am often amazed how those engaged in music can seem to unlock portions of their memories.   A recent article in the Kansas City Star highlighted this along with some music application efforts.   Please look at this article then share your thoughts about aging.

Experts look to music as way to uncover past buried by dementia –

The Power of Music, part 2

For me, music is a part of living a quality life.  I can’t imagine life without music.  Music has shaped and guided my life.  It is the discipline of practicing, of being on time to a group.  It is expressing emotions – both working through my feelings as well as more fully experience them.  It is relating with fellow musicians as well as the audience.  Music is an opportunity for me to explore myself, my world.

Music does much the same for others – maybe even in more powerful ways.  Here are some insights on “The Soloist” that tells of music’s power.  Enjoy !

When Families Grieve . PBS Parents | PBS

When Families Grieve . PBS Parents | PBS.

Grief is a subject we often try to avoid especially with our children.  This program may help the conversation.

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