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Singable Books: 2 Special Stories

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Some singable stories can be used with recordings, read, or sung live. Today’s selections work all these ways. These books are:

Rock Steady” by Sting, illustrated by Hugh Whyte  The story of Noah’s ark is retold using toe tapping music available from various sources. The illustrations are bright and eye catchy. I would recommend this book for ages 3-8 years of age. Older children can compare and contrast the story to other versions.

“The Jazz Fly” by Matthew Gollub, illustrated by Karen Hanke This book comes with a CD that helps set a wonderful jazz tone. It is fun to create your own flies and have the group scat when not using the recording. It can be a way to introduce various instruments including a bass, sax, piano, and drums. I would use this book with 4-8 year olds.

Here’s a little about these two special books: 

Songs of the moon

Moon Dreams

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My Sterling House sessions this month will include a Moon Sing-along.  It is also the theme for my newsletter set for release on November 8, 2010.  (Sign-up for the newsletter here on the blog site!)  Given the many songs and websites dedicated to the moon, many people must be fascinated by the moon besides me.

During the Sterling House sessions, our songs will include:

  • Moon River
  • Blue Moon
  • Carolina Moon
  • It’s Only a Paper Moon
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • On Moonlight Bay
  • By the Light of the Silv’ry Moon

I have a playlist of moon songs at: .  iTunes only shares the first 17 of my list of 34 songs.  But, it does provide a glimpse of the variety out there.  What music would you add to this list?  Please share your ideas in the comments below.

So, as we prepare for the Beaver Moon of November, may you do so with songs that fill your life with joy!

Train Songs


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It can be so much to sing about trains.  There are tons of songs to prove it.  Here is a starter list with a mixture of songs for adults and children for singing or drumming along:

I just added a new song to my repertoire with children.  Check it out!

Stay on track and keep the music going!

Sing a song of traveling

Manitoba Canada North Star Highway Map (1955)

Image by Manitoba Historical Maps via Flickr

“…just traveling along, singing this song, Side by side.”  For me, the best way to travel is with ones I love.  From past blog entries, you also know music is a part of my travel, too.   There are lots of songs I have shared in my last two newsletters about traveling.  Here are a few familiar ones that maybe you could sing in the car without assistance:

It’s just a starter list so add your favorites!  May your travels be melodious!

Free fun in Hays

Hays Kansas town buffalo herd

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No buffaloing!

There is free fun, learning, and food available for those 50 and over in Hays, Kansas. Music Sparks provides opportunities for older adults to make connections with others through music.  Together with Trinity Lutheran’s Senior Circle, Music Sparks will present  “Music Connections” at 10:30AM Thursday, October 7th . A free lunch will  follow. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 785-625-2044 before noon Friday, October 1st or by enrolling through the Hays Recreation Commission.

This session will cover:

  1. Receptive (listening & responding)
  2. Re-creative (performing pre-composed music)
  3. Composing (creating a musical product such as songs, lyricsmusic videos as well as improvisations)
  4. Learning (gaining knowledge about or related to music)

There will be many experiential portions to this presentation!  If you’re lucky,maybe you can play the buffalo drum, too.  Won’t you join us?

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