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Drum Circle Facilitation and Music Therapy

Alfaia (Maracatu drum)

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In the last week I have mentioned drum circles several times.  My friend, Kat, did a wonderful job explaining the differences between music therapy and drum circle facilitation.   Please take a moment to read this insightful blog! Drum Circle Facilitation and Music Therapy.  It includes a video of Bongo Barry – a special man who is greatly missed!

Instruments I like to use…

My music therapy sessions are generally filled with much singing and lots of percussion.  My percussion “regulars” are paddle drums, frame drums, shape drums, a buffalo drum, egg head shakers, jingle bells, and rhythm sticks.  I also love using my boom whackers and some tambourines.   Amazingly, people of all ages know what to do with these instruments and are rarely shy when playing them.

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