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Musical Laugh for April Fool’s

sweet violet butterfly flower

Image by oceandesetoiles via Flickr

The other day I asked on Facebook about favorite silly songs.  Rachelle Norman shared a post on “Mairzy Doats”.  This is a great song for many reasons: it appeals many ages, it is great for speech practice, and it is easy to sing. I have used this with intergenerational groups, to preschoolers, as well as long-term care/assisted living settings.

My friend Kat Fulton pulled out an oldie I had forgotten – “Sweet Violets”.  This  1951 hit by Dinah Shore is one many older adults and boomers may remember. Because of the lyrics, I would be selective of which groups I shared this song.  (I can see it would lead to some interesting discussions on appropriate language with teens and adults.) That said, I am most certainly re-learning this one.  I’m sharing a YouTube link that has the lyrics and chords printed in the comment sections in case you’d like to learn it, too

So have a great April Fool’s Day and enjoy a few “oldies” tunes!

Song stories

Song of the World Becoming - A Lost Book

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This week, at the request of a resident,  I learned an old hymn in public domain “Let the Lower Lights Keep Burning”.  The imagery of the hymn is very foreign to the plains of Kansas yet is well depicted in the lyrics.  The person making the request described the old hymnal from her youth in great detail.

Often I ask the seniors in my assisted living groups for song suggestions to use in upcoming sessions.  The challenge of finding and of learning these songs has led me to many treasures over the years.  It also provides insights as to what is important to the individual residents.  It provides me insights of how to help connect our music experiences with the upcoming themes – often provided by a corporation.

But there is often a bigger treasure to these requests –  listening to the stories that go with the songs:

  • “I learned this song when _______.”
  • “I like this song because _________.”
  • “This song reminds me of__________.”
  • “I want to sing ____ because_________.”

These are some of the stories shared in my groups.  Sometimes group members have similar stories, at other times very different stories.  There seems to be a joy in the sharing the commonalities along with the differences.  Smiles, tears, memories come forth.  We even look into the history of some of the songs to answer some “why’s” that arise from the singing.  The era, setting, personal history of the composer, reason for writing will often show in the lyrics.

I encourage you to take the time to ask someone their song stories – no matter their age.  Who knows where it will lead?

Sing a song of traveling

Manitoba Canada North Star Highway Map (1955)

Image by Manitoba Historical Maps via Flickr

“…just traveling along, singing this song, Side by side.”  For me, the best way to travel is with ones I love.  From past blog entries, you also know music is a part of my travel, too.   There are lots of songs I have shared in my last two newsletters about traveling.  Here are a few familiar ones that maybe you could sing in the car without assistance:

It’s just a starter list so add your favorites!  May your travels be melodious!

Free fun in Hays

Hays Kansas town buffalo herd

Image by Kevglobal via Flickr

No buffaloing!

There is free fun, learning, and food available for those 50 and over in Hays, Kansas. Music Sparks provides opportunities for older adults to make connections with others through music.  Together with Trinity Lutheran’s Senior Circle, Music Sparks will present  “Music Connections” at 10:30AM Thursday, October 7th . A free lunch will  follow. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 785-625-2044 before noon Friday, October 1st or by enrolling through the Hays Recreation Commission.

This session will cover:

  1. Receptive (listening & responding)
  2. Re-creative (performing pre-composed music)
  3. Composing (creating a musical product such as songs, lyricsmusic videos as well as improvisations)
  4. Learning (gaining knowledge about or related to music)

There will be many experiential portions to this presentation!  If you’re lucky,maybe you can play the buffalo drum, too.  Won’t you join us?

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